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GRD is a company that works in several Digital Marketing campaigns, focusing on Programmatic Media and Ads Display. We have a business model for small and medium-sized investors, which allows income above the conventional market.




Application Plan D90 - 3 MONTHS
Profitability of 1.5%
Withdrawal Period: 90 days

Strategies of digital campaigns made possible:

Traffic to virtual stores?
Programatic Midia
Google Search Network

The administration of your money is guaranteed by GRD, in accordance with our Terms of Use.

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Application Plan D180 - 6 MONTHS
Profitability of 4.5%
All plans starts in fifty dollars.
Withdrawal Period: 180 days

Strategies of digital campaigns made possible:

Traffic to virtual stores?
Programatic Midia
Google Search Network

The administration of your money is guaranteed by GRD, in accordance with our Terms of Use.

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Application Plan D365 - 12 MONTHS
Profitability of 12%
All plans starts in fifty dollars.
Withdrawal Period: 365 days


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of digital campaigns made possible:

Traffic to virtual stores?
Programatic Midia
Google Search Network

The administration of

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your money is guaranteed by GRD, in accordance with our Terms of Use.

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Check out some companies that generate results in our portfolio. We work with more than 60 companies!

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are paid through commissions and billing that the GRD makes with its services in the digital market. We are not a financial institution or bank. We pay without risk with

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aggregated values ​​of the GRD fund.

  • We do not accumulate amounts, it is always necessary to acquire a new asset in your account.
  • We do not cancel the contract in advance. Your money is retained in our fund until the end of the contract.
  • The maximum amount of investment in our digital platform is U$ 30,000.00 for higher values ​​contact the administrative center.
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